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To help (modestly) we will raffle a painting
by artist Arthur Day
with all the proceeds going 
to help all those affected.

Street in Meat Packing District, Oil on Canvas 26" x 32"

We will do it through 
The American Red Cross
and will ask all participants to write their check(s) directly to The Red Cross. On September 16th, we will ask a non-participant to draw the winning number. The winner will receive Arthur Day's painting, worth $4,500.

We ask the participants to contribute by 
purchasing as many chances as desired, 
with each chance being a $100.

After making your check out to:
The Red Cross
Please send your check to the gallery at:
Marin-Price Galleries
7022 Wisconsin Ave
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

If you would like to call the gallery to let us know you have sent the check
or to verify we received it please do.
If you would like an email verification please include your email address with the check and we will email you a confirmation.

We thank you for your generosity
and ask for your prayers for those affected and the brave people who have been able to go to the areas affected to help in person.
Please call or email the gallery if you have any questions. 301.718.0622

Marin-Price Galleries wishes all good luck 
and thanks everyone for their generous contributions 
for the victims suffering from Hurricane Harvey.

7022 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 - 301.718.0622
email: fmp@marin-pricegalleries.com